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Late prom post

THE day itself.

Got stalled abit coz had to wait for Monkaye to come so my Dad could take both of us to college.

And you know what?

Monkaye carried the smallest and lightest amount of bags among all of us!!

Apparently, according to her, I said I was going to bring a small bag. And small bags she brought.

One was her schoolbag, the other was one of her shopping bags.
AND it's amazing she could fit everything inside!!
I HAD to bring 2 bags!!! (and another plastic bag for my bottles of water)
Siao giler -_-

Upon arriving, saw a cow and a pig MsMooMoo and MrPig coming out of Kopitiam.

Dumped our darn-heavy bags at the TBS building. Big big heap =D

Went food shopping with Monkaye.
Bought a packet of buns, Chipsmore cookies, sweets(just in case I suffer from carsick).

Yeah I'm such an eater :/
(summore with my dormant life, next time sure become fatty bum bum)

Waited at TBS while the others arrive. Sunny sunny day =D

I didn't have enough sleep the night before.
Eh correction, more like, I slept just a few hours earlier :/
Prolly about 2am
Coz of my last-minute habit.

Heck, THERE ARE some people who calls me last-minute girl, when THEY THEMSELVES are last-minuters also. Dumbasses :/

we were placed in the last bus heading to Genting. And it was then I learnt that it was going ALL THE FREAKIN' WAY UP TO GENTING!

(ceh i thought we taking cable car)

Die lo. I thought I won't make it coz so far, I never take car/bus all the way up before. Until cable-car place only lor. Luckily I brought sweets =D

(Cradle Rock, seen and captured in the bus on the way to Genting...hay, I was bored and I couldn't sleep okay!)

(The effects of food-shopping. Yes, this is my breakfast for today and the day after)

Couldn't even have a wink of sleep on the bus. Some people were playing music right behind where I sat and it was damn blardy annoying! >=(

On the other hand, MsTortoise and MsPanda were already in dreamland long before the people even started playing the music.
O_o damn geng

After the bus reached our destination, First World Hotel, we disembark and sat at the reception area to wait for our room to be ready.

We have 6 people trying to fit into a room supposedly fit for 3.
Damn sad hor =(

The girl who called me waaaayy earlier told me they can't have a bigger room because the rooms are complimentary.
And the room she told me has a queen size bed, and two single beds.

When we entered the room, we saw a queen size bed, and A single bed.
Lagi not enough space -_-"""

So then my friends decided to "split" the bed.
Y'know them hotel beds have the top part(which is the mattress) and the bottom part(which is really hard)?

We just dragged the top part off and voila! we have now more space.
(Though the person that would be sleeping on the freakin' hard past of the bed is gonna suffer severe backpain)

After settling the space problem, lunch is next.

Had McDonald's (very much thanks to MsMooMoo and MrPig)
My favorite : Fillet-O-Fish burger!!
Dunno why, I seem to be more skewed to fish than chicken.
I can't really take chicken. After a few bites sure few like puking, dunno why.
I ain't bulimic though. No this ain't a denial :/

After the lunch, jalan2ed around near the reception area.
Monkaye was looking for a pharmacy. She of course has reasons I won't say here. No it's not illegal reasons mind you.

I was looking for the set brushes available at Watson's. But the Watson's in Genting had only limited stuff and there were no more set brushes.
Panadol pun tak ada.
I wonder...emergency then how???
Monkaye concluded that perhaps people here often get sick. Panadol damn laku.

Perhaps =)

Saw this map of the hotel. Apparently there's a MyNews Cafe here as well O_o
Monkaye got the thing she wanted from there. I was looking into this particular which title I forgotten. The synopsis was rather interesting. I hope I won't see it anymore -_-

Went back to our room and started unpacking most of the things we were going to use later.

Can imagine the dressing table was as if a storm hit it but with makeup items instead. Oh, there were food too.

Dresses and coat hanged nicely in the cupboard.
My bottles of water chilling in the mini fridge.
Yakked and yakked while unpacking stuff.

Suddenly, it was already 4pm! O_o
We got into the room at about 1pm if I'm not mistaken.
Imagine how long we yakked o_o

Suddenly everyone rushed to bath la, to change la, to put makeup la, to do their hair la, adjust dress la, fix makeup la, find stuff la, find prom ticket la, this lar, that lar

Damn headache lar =P

I unconciously promised Monkaye to help her with her dress.
My efforts obviously didn't work. Sorry Monkaye :/

I rushed and put my makeup on last minute. My nailpolish wasn't dried completely and I screwed up one nail.
Took the polish off, then continued to put on makeup, have my hair straightened(OUCH!) by MsPanda (thank you so much XD).
Later I help MsTortoise straighten her hair.
My masterpiece sucked so much, I think I burned her hair instead of making it better O_O
Eventually, Monkaye took over my place -_-

To tell the truth, of all the parts, my hair would be rated the worst.
(Not like it wasn't horrible enough already...)

We left the room late.
The event starts at 7pm.
We left the room at 7.05pm.


When we were at the reception area, we realised we didn't know the way.
Followed some people who we hoped were those going for the prom as well.
Was freakin' cold on the way there can die
So we followed...
And right we were!! XD

At the Grand Ballroom, First World Hotel.

The shadow is of the podium's.


Caught in action! =P

The previous pic and this one is taken at the same time.

They had buffet dinner XD
Eat all yer want.
Damn greedy me took alot of food! =P =P =P
But I finished them lar of course.
Not good to waste food y'know :D

There were performances and lucky draws.

Initially, we thought since we were situated near the stage, we get to see the performances without much obstacles.

Mana tau, the "stage" was actually the centre of the room itself -_-"""

Damn lar then have the stage for what?? Huh?? -_-"""

Though the lucky draw ARE conducted on the real stage.

Haihz in the end couldn't really see the performances.
Dunno go for what...-_-"

The food...was overall okay.
Though as I chewed on, there were some which are not fresh anymore.
But I still ate them.
Once I'm hungry fresh not fresh also I eat.

A prom king and prom queen were elected during the prom too.
I wasn't bothered, considering I couldn't see who or what the heck they looked like.
I eventually gave up listening all together.

Oh by the way, MsPanda won a prize during one of the lucky draw sessions =D
I think it was a blender -_-
Weird for prizes like that to be handed out to the winners IMO...

After all the performances and lucky draws, the last event starts...

And that's when Louis' voice could be heard saying
"And now...the dance floor is now open!"

And then everybody got up and started shakin' their booty!


I just continue sitting at my chair.
Damn lazy so late those people still can dance.
There was a girl who came over to our table just to give sentences of encouragement for us to go and dance.
"Be sporting" she said.

I wished I could've told her I'd prefer spending my time at the arcade playing Daytona than dancing.

I did dance abit...felt uncomfortable larh *groan*
Dah lah tired no mood.

I think people would called me a b*tch who's really self-centered haha

Later hit the arcade with Monkaye and MsPanda.
Tried Daytona 2 but the heels I was wearing didn't help much.

Played Time Crisis but had to go to the loo and I passed Monkaye the gun instead.
Kesian her have to main pulak. Thanks ya =D

I played the other gun game, forgot the name already.

After spending a considerable amount of money(shall not be disclosed here), we walked to our room.

And the naughty bunch of animals in there refused to let us in. >=(
And we did the Irritable-Doorbell move! >=D


until they let us in

Took turns to shower, then played a short game of chor tai di :/ Before going off to hit the sack at 3 or 4am


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Late pre-prom post

To confirm one thing:
I'll never, ever get my current nor future prom dresses from 1 Utama.
Cut throat price place :/


I head off to D'sara Uptown on the 7th of October with my two *cough*darling*cough* sisters.
*well, they SAID they WERE willing to walk with me =D*

Off we go, in a taxi. First time my sisters are taking taxi.

I bet it wasn't a very pleasant experience hailing a cab. I didn't call one y'know.

Earlier my Dad suggested me to go 1 Utama to look for one.
I refused.

"What's there so see at Uptown?? All offices only"
"I still wanna go..."
"Okay la, up to you"

Reaching there, we walk in the square-ish place.
First block got absolutely nothing =( sadness

Second block got hope abit, but the dresses are made for people of 5-foot-2-inches.
I took a white knee-length dress to try on, but it made me 5-months pregnant-looking o_o

Third block got a couple of shops. Hope level rises a little bit.

But all the dresses made me really fat/pregnant =(((

Damn they were nice okay!!! >=(

And then I saw...a pair of denim blue knee-length boots!!! :O
Oomgomgomgomgomgomgomg I *heart* boots!!!
Soft material somemore!!!

Argh! Must. Focus.

After the short break, walked on and saw a shop selling some clothes. My first impression of it was that it wouldn't have the type of dresses I wanted. But luckily I did not make the mistake of NOT going in. It was like a treasure trove!! =D And I picked out two dresses from their selection.
I planned to put the pics here but I changed my mind.

I preferred the latter.
It looks big in the picture, it's because I didn't adjust it properly.

After deciding which one I wanted to get, I told the sales girl that I'll come by the next day to get it.


On the 8th of October, I dragged Monkaye to Damansara Uptown to get her uber-honest opinion of my dress.

I took the green one, indefinitely.

Then headed of to 1 Utama to look for our accessories.

Hmm...wasn't a very fruitful effort.

But lunch comes first.

*They have this sign at Long John Silver's.....nags head -_-*

*Where's my food?!*

After lunch then we walked around.

Monkaye did get a brooch for her dress, from Bonita.
Really really nice shiny brooches they have XD

One of our priority was to look for a pair of nice heels.

The only problem is

Every heel she picked, I'd say that it's casual.
And every heel I picked, she'd say it's casual.
And it goes on, and on, and on and on, until we didn't find the heels that would fit us O_o

I did saw one in MCM, but they didn't have my size =(((

So much for shopping -_-"

Though I did spot a necklace fit for my dress at Axxezz.

Was not that bad as I got these things from Watson

*A bottle of nail polish and mascara...*


On the 12th of October, MsMooMoo took Monkaye and I to 1 Utama.
*I was supposed to attend class somemore...*

Walked around, got some makeup stuff, the necklace that I wanted from Axxezz.

Then luck hit me as I found the perfect earrings in Momoe to match my outfit!! :O
Huzzah! =D

And I thought Momoe only had lala stuff =O

At that time I also decided to not get any new heels for my dress.
Shall use one of my uber-painful white heels la
Four hours...can tahan gua

And then...I remember on the day I went out with Monkaye I wanted to get the green Vincci clutch that was priced almost as expensive as my dress.
And you know what?
On this day, there's a sale at Vincci and it's half the original price!! RM29.90 for a clutch man!!!
Yahoo~ XD

So everything settled except my hair.
Dunno what to put on it.
Whatsmore short hair cannot curl/straighten/do anything wan.

I miss my long hair...


The next day, MsPanda, Monkaye and I went to USJ Summit in search for accessories.

Got some makeup stuff from the Watson there.

After that, just jalan-jalan for abit.

Did you know? MsPanda and Monkaye had their nails done at a nail parlour(House of Nails) there.

Pretty atmosphere, makes you wanna shake legs there for as long as you feel like it.

They even have waxing services o_o

French mani only takes 15 minutes O_o And the shopowner was true to her words. The french manis DID take 15 minutes only. And the way she did it was like, she damn expert at doing it lor.

Prolly did it to customers like million of times adi that's why =D

Then the two went to get their brow-plucked at another nearby parlour. While I slept on a little bench in the premise :/

And later walked around, this time we shop.

Ms Panda got herself an arm clasp-something. Gosh I don't even know what its called O_o

But I have to say, it's shiny alright. Damn. Shiny.

MsPanda left us awhile after coz she had to go off and pick her mom.


We walked in search for food.

KyrosKebab is out of the picture.

Monkaye mentioned about a cafe we walked past earlier.

Garden Cafe. USJ Summit

Fried Mee Hoon. Mine.

Chicken Chop. Monkaye.

Teh Ais. Mine. Bottle of water. Monkaye.

After the delicious and filling lunch, walked about somemore.

Then took a cab back to college and there were still some spare time for us to chill at TBS Ground floor before taking the 4pm bus home.

Later that night, I persuaded my parents to go have dinner at McDonald's at One Utama.

Of course I have a reason for that. I NEVER go 1 Utama just for walks. Except during foundation year since Atria is a mundane place :/

I wanted to get the pearly hairband from Sinma, since that was the only thing that I could put on my hair.

At the same time, some animals people wanted me to get some stuffs for them as well while I'm there.

Coming home, I deli-daly-ed getting my things packed for the next day. Y'know when I started a-packin' my stuff?


Typical of me la actually =P

And then only I realised...

My uber-painful white heels turned yellow!!!


Minimised the damage by scrubbing the yellow parts with a toothbrush -_-"

Luckily managed to get off most of the yellow stain.

Oh well, it'll only be at my feet, nobody would look that close at the heels I'm wearing, right?


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not-so-great holiday

I have a couple of posts in draft.

Haha too lazy to update them now.

Studying my killer subject, Marketing Foundations.

Aih can't concentrate =(((

I NEED a study-condusive place!!!!

But where?
Library is getting noisier and noisier.
Eih I thought people go on holiday shouldn't be at the library right???

What la.

Wanted to watch Devil Wears Prada but not showing in cinemas anymore *sigh*

Slow me.

And I just realised that I can take the private bus till next Tuesday only =((

Tomorrow will be the last day I'll be seeing that person =(( so sad...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

New desktop

After agonising months of using my Dad's laptop, finally he allowed me to get a desktop.

Note: this happened after the incident where I got a CD stuck in his laptop.

The darling new desktop arrived at my doorstep on the 6th of October.

To minimise jealousy, I shall not post a pic of it here =P

This is the remains of my previous desktop

*Goodbye, you darn heavy monitor!!*

*My new comp still in the box XD*

happy happy joy joy XD

Now I can do my assignments without worrying whether or not the laptop is gonna blow up.

My 19th birthday...

On the 29th September 2006, I celebrated my birthday with my family.

*My cake which was bought last minute*

*Box of joy* =D

*My cake!! Damn nice and creamy!! XD*
And no, I'm not SM okay! Its just cream! >_<

Then, on the 30th of September, my college friends held a party for Ms.Citcit and I at Vivo@The Curve.

*Our rock-hard birthday cake*
I swear if someone were to throw the cake at the wall, it'll bounce off with no mess at all

*My dinner. Some dunno what shitake pasta chef recommended punya. Actually it would be nicer without the shitake mushrooms*

*Forgotten what Karen ordered*

*The fried scallops are REALLY REALLY NICE!! It's a must-try XD*

That's all the food I managed to take pictures of because everyone started to eat like pigs with the exception of yours truly =P =P =P

*This is the waiter who helped us put the candles into the cake*
*Do ignore the person in the middle =P*

*His arrangement of candles are rather unique*

Overall it was a really nice party. Thanks alot for the party and to those who wished me! XD
I had a great time =D

And then...we adjourned to...LAUNDRY@The Curve!!!

No pics camera didn't wanna cooperate in the dark, as always.
I ordered Tequila Sunrise, but kindly donated 3/4 of it to Monkaye, who drank ALOT
She downed RedNoseReindeer's Margarita as well.
And vodka.
And more shots of vodka.
*Tsk Tsk*

Amazingly, she wasn't even tipsy when I sent her back o_o
And she didn't awoke with a hangover either! Geng leh!!
*respect respect*

Before I went out, I was reluctant to tell my parents that I was going to Laundry.
I mean, they WOULD want me to drive safely, y'know?

I told them the next day.

My was Dad was like
"Why you go to a bistro for? -_-"

Mom was like
"So what you drink there? Damn expensive right? Got anyone raba-raba you ah?"


Yes, it was expensive. No, no one touched me on my arse or anything (luckily or that guy would not be able to celebrate Father's Day his entire lifetime)

Hmm...was a good experience, though I don't think I'll be going to any places like that for quite some time.

Unless someone is willing to drive me there instead =P


the email virus post wasn't very clear i realised.


Too lazy to change it though =P

Buffet @ Legend Hotel

On the 1st of October 2006, Dad told me last minute that he has a coupon for a free buffet at a place called Legend Hotel. And that day happened to be the last day for the buka puasa buffet!

Walao! Buffet start at 1pm, he told me about it only at 11am! And the coupon is for two, and I had to look for a friend fast!!

First victim friend was...Mr. Function.
Unfortunately, he had to do some obligations as a filial son of his family :/

Next fortunate victim person was...Monkaye.
Somehow, there were more than one occasion where she so happened to be conviniently easy to be contacted. when I head the "ping" on MSN, and her nickname was on it, I extended the invitation. And to my utter surprise, she actually said "yes" O_O

No offense...but she didn't look the type that would walk a very long distance
(I on the other hand don't mind, got kind of used to walking alot back in primary and secondary school years)

Anyway, there we go, on the LRT. I had absolutely no idea how to get there, and took THE LONGEST ROUTE OF MY LIFE just to get to one place which was actually pretty near.

Stupid? Yeap :/

The route that we took?
LRT Kelana Jaya ----> LRT KL Central ----> Monorail ----> Star ----> Legend Hotel
During the trip, I realised there was actually a shortcut! O_O
LRT Kelana Jaya ----> Star ----> Legend Hotel


Wasted Monkaye's money only...Whatsmore she paid for my transport 'cos the fella at the ticket booth had insufficient change >_<

THE Legend Hotel =D

And then I saw:

Now doesn't this just reminds you of someone.... =P

The Hotel is located above The Mall, and the entrance is on the left side of the mall.
The lobby is located on the 9th floor *weird, no?*

The buffet is held at the Diatas Brasserie Buffet Restaurant *sorry no pics here, damn difficult to take with so many people around =(((*

We knew we were REALLY REALLY LATE. Most of the peepz around had already finish Godknows how many course meals when we, who puasa-ed through breakfast and lunch, came trotting in at 4pm. *we din puasa on pursose summore*

The floor manager was pretty surprise. She did warn us that the buffet was going to end in 45 minutes time, but we told her we didn't mind.

Then off we gravitate toward an empty table, then to the rows and rows of oh-so-delectable food~!

Too bad we didn't get to try every selection =(

The food were partition according to appetiser, main course, desert...then further partitioned into certain types of food like bah kut teh, fried mee hoon, nasi lemak, leng chee kang, pancakes, ice kacang, ice cream with toppings, salad, cakes, kuih-muih, soups and millions of other things I didn't get to try.

Being a buffet, we are allowed to take as much food as we can devour. And luckily this isn't like the promotion at Sushi King where you have to finish whats on your plate or you'll have to pay the original price for what you wasted.

Pictures of our breakfast+lunch+tea time: *Note: you WOULD NOT wanna know what was really on our plate*

*My first plate of food.Monkaye's first plate has been blocked lol. Let's buka puasa mwahahahhahaahha* =P

*Still my first plate*

*My kuih-muih plate*

*Mmm...i see ham, salad, mayonaise, crab sticks, and...dunno whats that thing the ham is on =P*

*Monkaye's cream with 2 out of the 3 toppings available!! XD*
*Btw I forgot what the last topping was*

*Supposed to be my masterpiece, but due to lack of height and common sense, Monkaye did most of the stuff, so it became her masterpiece as well*

And there were other dishes we tried during the last few minutes.
Wanted to try the bah kut teh and leng chee kang so badly though =(((

After the buffet, went to walk around at The Mall.

Earlier I told Dad I've never heard of Legend Hotel nor The Mall.

"You been there before wan la. You play the games there. There's a theme park or something at the top of the Mall wan."
"Ya meh? I dun remember also >_<"
"Aiyoh, got la. You play the bumper car and the rollercoaster"
"O_O is it? I thought I was scared of rollercoasters..."
"You got been there la. Eh hurry la, you're gonna be late"


On the way up to the so-called themeless park, we spotted a bag stall. And I bought a bag!! XD

*My new bag! And I didn't realise there's Mickey Mouse design on it* -_-"

Monkaye bought one too, I liked hers, but it was kinda big for me.
*You people know I'm already small in size, and I tend to always find nice nice stuff that can never fit me

*I was posing. The signboard is self-explanatory*

We sat the Horror Express ride. Its a roller-coaster actually. For kids Monkaye presume.

Funny, I sat on it before.
The scary part isn't where the ghosts scares the bejeezus outta you, is the part where the roller coaster turns violently and knowing that you're gonna get your arm banged against the metal railing of the coaster you're in.

And mine kena banged dunno how many times.

One was because of the violent turning *like duh*
Another was because Monkaye kept swinging into me =(((

Damn pain can die! >_<

Oh, while we were at the themepark, we tried the palm-reading machine LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA.

My results was:

You're full of vitality and people admire you for your love of life.
*Serious shit?! I hope not ><*

You are introspective by nature.
*What does introspective mean?*

Your sedentary habits risk ruining your health.
*O_o how did---?! Wait, sedentary? Me? Never!! -in denial-*

You will have to suffer deception and unhappiness in love several times during your life.

A more regular life style and a little bit of exercise can save you from the health problems you are prone to.
*Like what?*

You will be successful in whatever field you choose, although particularly so where the arts are concerned.
*Arts? Business under arts also what, right?? Riiiggghhhhttt??? If not they won't call it Art Stream in secondary school*

Now wondering if the machine is just randomly spitting out results only. Though there were numerous times I've been told I should pursue something more artsy, so-called.

How accurate a machine can get?

Saturday, October 21, 2006


was checking my emails this morning.

went into bulk mail


*walao gmail send me ID and password! So geng ah???*

Not like I wanted any more email accounts (I already have 3) and keeping up with the stupid confusing interesting names of my accounts is not my cup of orange juice :/

Well, there's one part where I'm asked to read the attachment that came along with the email.

And when I had it scanned

*walao virus!!!*

This ain't the first time this happens, and I do know this post bores the daylights outta you people.

It just a reminder :O

Due to a very long recap, i shall do separate posts to prevent lengthy loading time

the title is self-explanatory

Friday, October 20, 2006

The last of my major assignments...

Today, is the day, I can finally cross off the last major assignment.

Therefore :
2) MPO Individual essay
3) Statistics group assignment
4) MAR - 20th October 2006
5) ATBD group presentation

And amazingly there was no rush doing the last assignment. Thanks for my groupmates who kept emphasising on finishing the work a day!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One more to go...

Hmm...I have no idea, how...days have passed so fast, and

Therefore :
2) MPO Individual essay
3) Statistics group assignment
4) MAR - 20th October 2006
5) ATBD group presentation

Friday, October 13, 2006

An uberlong recap

Well, I can't really remember what has happened in my life so far.

Just realised that pictures actually helped jog my memory of certain day/events.

All the more reasons to be in the pics that I take, right? =P

Hahahaha~ eh, weird la this song I just downloaded O_o
Wanna get the song Stickwitu by Pussycat Dolls but there's someone else's voice inside O_O
All the weirdo songs from iMesh -_-"


I think I'll leave this post for some other day

Thursday, October 12, 2006

When it comes to Statistics assignments...

I overslept.

My Statistics assignment groupmates would NOT be happy to hear this, but I'm only starting to do my part now, which is 4.30am on this miserable Thursday morning.

Earlier I carelessly left my thumbdrive in college and a friend of mine took it home for me.
It seems like I'm getting more careless as this is the second time it happened.

As for the emo-ing side of me:
Have you ever felt as if some of your friends are actually frienemies?
Y'know, friend and at the same time, your enemy.

I have some who are like that.
I dunno what to say la, it takes time for people to show their true colours I guess.
And I still do keep in touch with some of them, the others I just let the friendship drift
(It's not like I want to maintain it -_-)

It's better off that we didn't met in the firstplace. Those fuckers.

Ahh damn emo >_<

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tackling one things at a time

I've finished my MPO Individual assignment, as usual, last minute on the 2nd of october. Typical me :/

Therefore :
2) MPO Individual essay
3) Statistics group assignment
4) MAR
5) ATBD group presentation

yay =D

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I would like a Toyota Yaris XD


Doesn't a Yaris look nice?
*though I can never get what the advertisement "do you Yaris?" is trying to tell me :/*

Which leads to the pressie Jaycee gave to me two days ago(Sunday)

The only thing that could complete my happiness is a car!!

Too bad I don't have one of my own :/

When I get one, no one's gonna take my parking space but me!!!! >=D

Anyway, today wasn't such a good day.

Knowing myself to be a really last-minute person, I decided to burn my MYOB assignment into the CD this morning right before I was supposed to leave for the bus.


the CD got stuck -_-"

in the laptop! And refused to come out

Somehow the CD compartment didn't want to eject

And obviously it means bad news.

Summore I have to get my assignment passed up by 12pm (because that's when my Accounting Transactions and Business Decisions tutorial ends).

By that time, I managed to get the CD out of the laptop(by pushing the emergency eject pin-size buttonhole), and the CD is now corrupted.

Gotten a new CD and at the same time got my file burned into it.

RM5 for both :D

Not bad, but it would have been free IF my Dad's laptop didn't decide to go haywire on me -_-"

Then had to drag the laptop all over college.
Summore you know la, the laptop damn heavy already, and I walked dunno how many freakin' flights of stairs because the ground area of the business school was really packed and with the laptop, I can't squeeze between people to get into the lift.


But I'm happy because I completed and handed a major assignment today


2) MPO Individual essay
3) Statistics group assignment
4) ATBD class presentation
5) MAR


4 more to go *crosses fingers*

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Wah the cupboard from the previous entry is damn small weih!

Look at this!

My textbooks fit nicely

But my lecture notes, which papers are of A4 size, can fit only ngam ngam

All the lecture notes are of A4 size. The purple POPULAR file is too, but i'm lazy to make it in a lie-down position.

But then my room's looking spacious-er, with all the books being dumped arranged in the shelves.

So what am I to complain about?

Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm a very hands-on person

Mom got me a mini shelf yesterday from Tesco.

RM9.90, and by the looks of it, it seems big enough to handle the mess in my room :D

*me shelf, me small*

And I spent a part of this morning fixing it myself.

yay for me! I actually did this myself *proud*

Then continued to complete my long-neglected assignments.

Summore it's that time of the month

The time where Id be bogged down with more assignments I can devour.

Damn sad can? :/

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I enjoyed Hot Chocolate!! But without marshmallows :(((

Promised MMUEzzey to go out lunch with here today. 1pm, at Superbowl Restaurant in Atria.
Ordered Curry Laksa.

Not bad, but tastes abit artificial o_o
Will never wanna go back there >_< But I *do* wanna try their bubu chacha :/

Went to Hot Chocolat Cafe(again) today evening with MMUEzzey and her friend, EricTheBored.

Purposely for Hot Chocolate somemore... and hopefully with marshmallows ^_^ Unfortunately, my second wish din come true la

Only had a cup of their Ultimately Hot Chocolate!

*I'm a sizzling hot cup of Ultimately Hot Chocolate!*

MMUEzzey had Chocolate Ramble

*I'm a cold glass of chocolate + peppermint ice cream! Delectable aren't I?*

And EricTheBored ordered Chocolate Temptation

*I'm a cold glass of chocolate + vanilla ice cream! Come get me! :D*

eheheheh enjoyed the drink really much, but the chocolate by itself is almost tasteless!
An original chocolate drink IS supposed to be like that.
Unlike Secret Recipe's one......tastes like Milo!
Might as well make my own cup of Milo at home :P

After walking around in BigBookShop in Atria (by this time EricTheBored is really very bored!) I was tired.

MMUEzzey seem to still have alot of energy.


Ex-hockey player what you expect -_-

By the way, first time I camwhore:

hehe *proud*

And went I came into my room after jalan2-ing with MMUEzzey today, I saw

A yellow bird! :O

Actually saw this bird a couple of time before.
2 of them summore :D
Dunno where they come from, but they remind me of parrots :/